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For over 25 years Wildenborgh Pianos have been aiming at providing the pianist with an instrument of the best possible quality. During the purchase process, we assist intending buyers to make sure they obtain the instrument that fits their needs. Also, every pianist's instrument can be kept in top shape with a regular tuning service. And piano advice is offered glady!


What we do

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In the Wildenborgh showroom you can try out the unequalled Feurich grand and upright pianos. Though very reasonably priced these refined instruments are of top quality, which has earned them a Diapason d'or twice. For more modest budgets, Wildenborgh stocks a wide range of fairly priced second hand grands and uprights. Click HERE for our current stock.


Every piano requires regular tuning, we recommend at least once a year. Call (or email us) to make an appointment. Upon request we also adjust the action or replace deficient components.

Information / Advice

What is the correct stool height for me? Where shall I put my piano? What are the requirements regarding air humidity in my music room? We strive to answer these and other questions taking into account your specific situation.



On Sunday the 18th of September we will hold our next Open Day! Are you looking for a new or second hand upright or wing, try out our selection of new and secondhand instruments.


After six months in cars that are too small, and in rented and borrowed vans (thank you Ford Beckers Haasrode!), I am mobile and visible again!

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